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Daylight Savings Time 2014

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Daylight Savings Time 2014

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What is Daylight Savings Time (DST)?

Ever wondered what DST is? why we use it? or where it originated from?

Look no further as we explain all here. There are a few theories as to who invented DST or who it should be attributed to; some think it was invented in New Zealand in the late 19th Century while others believe it was invented in the UK in the early 20th Century. It may even have been invented in France.

One things for sure, we can give you all of the information you might need to make a decision yourself, visit our What is Daylight Savings Time page.

Daylight Savings Time or Daylight Saving Time?

The clocks are adjusted each year (depending on where you live) for what we know as DST. There is a common misconception that it is called daylight savings time but this is in fact wrong and there shouldn’t be an ‘s’ on the end of saving. Click Here to find out what the differences are.

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